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Nano Calcium For Natural Rubber And Synthetic Rubber

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Nano Calcium for Natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubber  (NCC-501) This Nano Calcium Carbonate (NCC) product has wide applications in rubber. Advantages of Nano calcium NCC-501 usage include high loading level, increase reinforcement, and improved other mechanical properties, etc.To achieve desirable performance, Nano CaCO3 NCC-501 can be used as a partial or complete replacement of fillers; fumed silica or carbon black (Thermal or Normal) and is applicable in natural and synthetic rubbers like EPDM, NR, SBR, BR, SBS, Silicone and light/colored rubber products. The reinforcement effect of NCC-501 arises from the physical entanglement from linkages in the polymer and chemical reactions arising from surface modification.   Nano calcium NCC-501 can improve hardness, tensile strength, elongation at break, tearing strength and Akron abrasion in rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers.In many cases, calcium carbonate nanoparticles NCC-501 can be used to replace existing reinforcement agents either partially or completely.TYPICAL VALUESNCC-501Technical guidelinesAppearanceWhite powderSpecific gravity, dry basis (g/cm3)2.5-2.6Bulk density (g/ml)0.68Particle size (avg), (nm)15-40Surface area (BET)  (m2/g)40Whiteness (%)≥88Particle shapeCubic, in chainPH9.0-10.0Moisture content (wt) (%)≤0.5CaCO3 dry basis (modified) %≥94.5MgO % (wt)≤0.7Surface modificationYesProduct packing25Kg woven bag

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