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Nanocrystalline Core

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Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components nanocrystalline core and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading nanocrystalline core manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics u-type cut cores, nanocrystalline toroidal cores, amorphous cut cores, nanocrystalline transformer cores from our factory. NANOCRYSTALLINE CORE  (Available in various size, Application range: switching power transformer cores and current transformer, common mode cores for EMI filters, storage inductors and reactors for DC high current choke coils. Features: RC4 to RC1000 size are availableLow eddy current lossesHigh satration flux density Bs> 1.56TApplication for solar power converter PFC chokes and outputchokesHigh-speed rail car power systemFe-based nanocrystalline coresCo-based Mag-Amp transformer coresMain materials: Fe-based, nanocrystalline-alloy, Co-baseHigh saturation magnetic induction intensitySmall core volumeRectangular structureCore openingsResist DC bias saturatedLow lossExcellent temperature stability -55 to 130°CCustomized cores sizes and various characteristics are available Applications : High power Solar Energy Converter System Switching power transformer Current transformer EMI filtersStorage inductors Reactors for DC high current choke coilsHigh-power switching mode power supplyHigh frequency switching mode power supply transformerHigh frequency large power supplies and solar inverters DC high current choke coilsCommon Mode Filter ChokesSplit Current Transformer Current TransformersDifferential Mode ChokesAutomotive Chokes(For car audios)Magnetic AmplifiersPFC ChokesCores and Current Transformers for energy meters(Watt hour meters)ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers)Toroidal transformersMagnetic ballasts

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