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Nasal Spray

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Product Description
Disineer Nasal spray                  PRODUCT  DESCRIPTION    Range of application For cleaning the nasal cavity, can help relieve nasal congestion, dry nose, itchy nose nasal symptoms and daily nasal health care.Methods of useThe head is held upright, the nozzle is aligned with the nostrils, and the spray can be pressed. When used in combination with other spray types, the use of this product should be used to clean the nasal cavity after ten minutes, and then use other nasal spray to improve the permeability of nasal mucosa. For patients with allergic rhinitis, rhinitis and nasal obstruction symptoms of severe patients can increase the use of the number of times.ConsumptionAdults 5-6 times per side of each nasal spray, 3-4 times a day. Children and other minors each side of the nasal spray 2-3, 3-4 times a day. Or as directed by a physician.                             NOTE ·Should be dedicated to prevent cross infection;·Product expired, rupture and leakage, should stop using;·Minors should be used under adult guardianship;·The use of the process should not open the sprayer, so as not to pollute the product;·Sprayer for the first time since the opening of the date within thirty days after use is appropriate;] should keep upright and inclination should not be too big, lest cannot normal spray;·After use, the product should be placed in a place where children can not touch, so as not to swallow the active part of the sprayer.SPECIFICATION    50ml/bottle                           PACKING                             OUR SERVICESCustomers would be provided with below services if you are interested in our products.A.  Professional recommendations on tape choice for customers.B.  Free samples available.C.  Competitive prices.D.  In time delivery.E.  Quality assurance. WHY CHOOSE US?1.Our company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, production, sales and service of medical high-end disinfectant2.We have a professional team of science and technology3. We can provide professional delivery to guarantee the timely4.Safe and fastservice.               COMPANY INFORMATION   FACTORY SHOWFACTORY HONORSIf you are interested in our products, and need to order our products, please sent your demand information to us ( We will give you a reply in the shortest time.

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