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Nauta Mixer

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If you want to contact with one of the leading nauta mixer manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with one productive blenders factory, Wuxi Sundry Engineering Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Product IntroductionNauta mixer is a late-model mixing equipment with high uniformity, low energy cost, low residue and low crush. There are two asymmetric spiral shafts, with their self-rotation and revolution, materials are lifted repeatedly to finally realize the purpose of well-mixed. It is one of the earliest developed products and till now, it is widely used to mix powder-powder and powder-liquid, especially for fine powder, fiber and slice materials.Application Industry: Suitable for the mixing of pharmacy, food, pesticide, dye stuff, chemical industry, plastic, lithium battery, ceramic, chemical fertilizer, rubber, mortar , etcApplicable Materials: Powder or particle whose specific gravity is under 5g/cm3;and with certain fluidity, liquid content is up to 20%, such as medical intermediate, flavoring, pesticide, reactive dyes, water-free sludge, lithium cobalt oxides battery material, etcProduct AdvantagesExcellent Design:Products are designed according to the characteristic of raw and finished materials and manufacturing process(i.e. Pressure requirement, proportion of solid and liquid) to meet the requirements in driving device, operability, sealing, etc2. Reliable Driving DeviceDifferent driving devices in various capacity, power and output speed are for option according to the materials, starting methods and mixing method. International brands driving motor, output torque can be output by direct-combination, chain-wheel combination, hydraulic couplers , etc.Excellent Auxiliary Components:Auxiliary components are for option, such as: coil pipe steam heating jacket, honeycomb anti-pressure jacket, recycle-medium jacket, sampling valve, temperature detector, weighing system, dust collecting system, etc.Various type can be customized, such as spraying type, ex. proof type, heating type, vacuum type, etc.Equipment material can adopt carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, SS321, and also polyurethane lining or coated with high wear-resistant material.Working PrincipleNauta mixer consists of driving part, spiral agitator and inverted cone working chamber. here are two asymmetric spiral shafts, with their self-rotation and revolution, materials are lifted repeatedly to finally realize the purpose of well-mixedTechnical ParameterModelBarrel Volume(L)Max Loading Weight(kg)Mixing Time(min)Motor Power(kw)Material size(mesh)LH-100100600-990.7520-350LH-2002001201.1LH-3003001801.1LH-5005003002.2LH-100010006004LH-40004000240011LH-60006000360015* If any change in the above table, subject shall prevail without notice*The table cannot include all products, please contact with our sales engineering for more informationCustomized Design

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