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Navigation Equipment

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One of the most advanced and up-todate current trends of our company and country as well are the development and implementation of navigation equipment. In the frame of the “Global Navigation System” Federal Program IRZ is designing and producing up-to-date navigation equipment for space segment and end-users. Multi-channel satellite navigation receivers of MNP series: automatic search, receipt and processing signals from satellites of radio navigation systems GLONASS (Russia) and GPS NAVSTAR (USA), determination of navigational and time parameters of a user in real-time mode. System for control of mobile objects (SCMO): on-line control of objects via GPRS data radio channel. SCMO allows locating transport vehicles (railway, motor, air, marine, river and others), transmits alarm signals and telemetry data as well as records the routes of the vehicles. SCMO consists of on-vehicle equipment (tracker, antenna amplifi er etc.), SCMO server and control centre. Control centre: recording and storage of data related to object location and sensors status, processing and displaying information on the monitor screen. Object location is displayed on the electronic map. Mobile trackers of TM series: trackers are installed on the mobile objects to be monitored, track vehicle location, monitor status of vehicle sensors, provide voice communication with a dispatcher and transfer data to SCMO server (or control centre). ST270 Auto-tracker is based on MNP-M7 navigation receiver and intended for operation in systems monitoring mobile objects and performing the on-line remote control of vehicles. The auto-tracker is mounted onboard the mobile object being controlled. “Radiy-203” Mobile Radio with GLONASS/GPS navigation module embedded: mobile radio network communication in single- and dualfrequency simplex mode, transfer of sensors and location data of a mobile object, as well as data transfer at up to 9.6 kbit/sec in radio modem mode.

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