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Nb-zr Sputtering Targets

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Product Description
Niobium zirconium alloy sputtering targets (NbZr3, NbZr10, NbZr30)Specifications: diameter of circular target (20-400) mm (3-28) mm * thicknessSquare target specifications: thickness (1-20) of mm* (10-1000) mm* length width (200-2000) mmRe crystallization: 95% at leastGrain size: minimum 40 mSurface roughness: Ra 0.8 maximumFlatness: or 0.1mm 0.10% maximum.Tolerance: the diameter tolerance of + / - 0.127Purity: NbZr3 (97% pure tantalum, 3% pure zirconium)NbZr10 (90% pure tantalum, 10% pure zirconium)NbZr30 (70% pure tantalum, 30% pure zirconium)If there are special requirements, the two sides agreed

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