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Ndfeb Arc Magnets

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Neodymium Arc Magnets  NdFeB Arc magnet is one of the basic shapes of Neodymium magnet, also called NdFeb segment magnet, they are widely used for electric motors, PM motors and generators in the electrical engineering and electric vehicles etc.  Neodymium arc magnet can be made with high Hcj materials to match special motor applications, it can be consistency for torque performance and ground to meet high precision and concentric requirements.  We are ready to make a custom NdFeB arc magnet for your application, welcome to contact us for a further communication. Products Magnetization Direction:    Description:   Neodymium Arc Magnets Used in Motor etc.  Neodymium arc magnets are widely used in motors such as DC motors, AC motors,servo motors,synchronous motors, drive motors, speed motors etc.  Many motor manufacturers requested high temperature neodymium magnets such as N38SH magnets, N35EH, N35UH magnets etc. which have high magnetic energy product and coercive force, it makes motor smaller, lighter, thinner. Application  Our Company & Team Capacity & Service  We have a staff of 400 members with annual capacity of 10,000tons. Based on our strength, passion and capacity, we devote to supply one-stop service to customers, who will be warmly welcome to visit us. Advantage:1Noquestionrefundwithin3days.2Welltrainedandexperiencedstaffstoansweryourquestions.3Shortleadtime.4PassInternationalstandard.5Non-standard/standard/OEM/ODM/customizedserviceprovided.6SmallQuantityavailable.7Wecandesignaccordingtocustomers’request.8Couldbepackedbycustomers’requirement.

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