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Nelaton Tube

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Product Description
1) Made of non-toxic PVC2) Size: 4Fr - 24Fr3) Color: Transparent and translucent4) Slippery surface5) Easy operation,Website:, non-irritating6) Sterile: By EO GASSizeO.D./I.D.Tube LengthFR6/CH62.0mm / 1.1mm400mmFR8/CH82.7mm / 1.7mm400mmFR10/CH103.3mm / 2.3mm400mmFR12/CH124.0mm / 2.8mm400mmFR14/CH144.7mm / 3.3mm400mmFR16/CH165.3mm / 3.8mm400mmFR18/CH186.0mm / 4.5mm400mmFR20/CH206.7mm / 5.1mm400mmFR22/CH227.3mm / 5.6mm400mmFR24/CH248.0mm / 6.2mm400mmSingle pack (1pc/polybag or 1pc/sterilized pouch)

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