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Neptune 2 Game Machine

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Qicheng Dongman Company is one of the top level China neptune 2 game machine manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory we are able to offer you high-quality and CE best neptune 2 game machine at competitive price. Welcome to buy fashion or wholesale new products from us.Neptune 2:1 maximum 1000 gun.2 capture a series of deep fried fish and crab can lead to a harmonious explosion and burst into a harmonious explosion, organic rate to catch a large range of fish.3 catch a drill bit, a drill can be launched, the drill can run through the fish and the organic rate can be captured.4 players in the time frame can be adjusted to launch an electromagnetic gun, the organic rate can capture most of the radiation range of the fish.5 bit in the fishing ground bounce after a period of time, the organic rate of the fish caught in the range.6 catch lightning fish, can be obtained in the chain of lightning, lightning chain will automatically continuous fishing, until the stop.7 catch a cyclone, can be the same species of the same species of the fish on the ground to catch the fish.The 8 game player in the game for imperial use searchlight whales and goldfish. Capture can get high scores

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