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Neptune 6 Led Grow Light 432w

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Nepture 6 LED Grow Light SpecificationProduct Name:Neptune 6 led grow lightModel: BS-GLN6-144X3WTheoretical power:432WActual Power:300WDimension:530*427*60mm SpecificationInput voltageAC100~240VActual Power300-320WOutput voltageDC35~45VOutput current670mALifespan50,Website:,000 HoursLED Qty144PCSWorking environment-20~40℃,45%~95%RHRatioRed(660nm)/Blue(460nm)=3:1Working frequency50~60Hzflux/PAR222umol/1m, 96umol/1.5milluminancy8010lux/1m, 2750lux/1.5mNet weight8.6kgIrradiated area3.5㎡/1m, 7.0㎡/1.5mPackage sizemm/1pcsGross weight9.8kgFactory standardLED lighting x1,Power cord x1, Hanger x 1 set Features:1. Professional structure and appearance design make products beautiful and extra-thin; Interconnection can    be realized among 5 lamps at most2. With environmental,safety, energy-saving, our products can save 80% power than traditional lamps, and   dont contain any mercury and other harmful heavy metal material.3. High luminous efficiency, 90% of the light is absorbed by plants, the traditional lamp only absorbs the light   of 8-10% by comparison.4. Revolutionary thermal design effectively relieve internal heat circulation;5. Use isolated power supply and soft start-up protection, avoiding transient current impact damaging the    lamp beads;6. Modular design, convenient assembly and quick change, no glass,neither glue, convenient and quick, thin    product reduce transportation costs;7. High quality low noise fan is more conducive for heat dissipation8.With the high efficient optical design of optical lens by large angel, Light utilization rate improve better.9. Under the condition of the same parameter of lamps and lanterns,  lamps Irradiated area and height can   change with different plants and environment.10. Appearance also can be customized according to customer's request, the shell color: red, black, white,      blue, gold, silver and other colors are optional;11. Customers can choose different lamp bead ratio,and add ultraviolet and infrared light,We suggest that the     red:blue = 3:1, 5-1, 7:1;12.Suitable red light wavelength ranges between 630-660 nm, blue light wavelength ranges between 460-    470nm, red blue, orange, UV, IR and white mix, provide the light that plants need, red light is good for     plants sprout and blossom, blue-ray promotes plant growth, customers can choose their suitable    wavelength and color.Product application:Applicable to each stage of plant growth and soil cultivation,used for indoor plants, garden, planting cultivation of greenhouse and farm, flower show, potted landscape and so on.Attention:   1. The lamps shouldn’t be used in dripping place and wet area, water and static electricity can damage lamp    beads;2. The working environment of lamps ranges between 20 ~ 40 ℃, 45% RH to 90% RH;3.In order to protect the lamps and lanterns,please keep power off in case of the loss caused by lightning4. Don’t touch and move the running lights .

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