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New Electric Heated 3 In 1 Amazing Home Remedies For Breast Lifts

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Model NO:New Design Electric Heated 3 in 1 Amazing Home Remedies For Breast Lifts BT-66291. Product Introduction :  Electric Breast Care Device BT-66291. It adopts intelligent sensor design, press ON/OFF, when holding the product contact the sensitive area and massage head contact skin, the product starts working immediately. 2. With the vibration function, gentle vibration frequency in 25000RPM/min 3. Use matching with Essence / body slimming cream, it can lead in the essence directly into the skin rapidly, to improve blood circulation and lymphatic dredge; promote the skin circulation, and effectively firm the skin. 4. Massage head components in 24 soft silicone balls which in food grade material with high activity. In the middle, there is a mounted import head which comply with the international standards. It is in safety, health, and physical Zero irritation to the body. It’s also suitable for allergic skin people’s daily use. 5. The thermal massage head keep in constant temperature 45 ℃ ± 5 ℃,can help skin remove fatigue, and activate the cells. 6. The micro-current red light stimulates the production of collagen, to activate the thymus, prevent the breast skin aging, and clear the breast gland. Heating function can promote blood circulation; expand the blood capillary, which will help the absorption of skin care products 7. Four modes setting make the 4 functions of massaging, activating, lifting, and firming in one 8. With Memory function, when device restart, it automatically switch to the mode when last time shutdown2. Product parameter: Electric Breast Care Device BT-6629Unit    size76*142mmVibration    112500 tims/min &working current: 130mAM & Power:≤0.54wVibration    22times short +1 time long vibration &working current: 60-130mAM & Power:≤0.4wVibration    3Increasing vibration &working current: 30-130mAM & Power:≤0.34wVibration    412500 tims/min &working current: 540mAM & Power:≤2.3wOperating    Voltage3.3V-4.2VOperating    Current80-650Mabattery capacity1100mAhMaterialABSN.W.137.6g3. Product Feature: Electric Breast Care Device BT-6629Breast Care Device pics:? 4. Shipping and Servicing: Electric Breast Care Device BT-6629?5. Recommendations : Electric Breast Care Device BT-66295 in 1 Rechargeable Sonic Skin Cleasning brush Home use Heated electric Wrinkle Reducer Portable Electric heated Breast Care Device6 in 1 rechargeable Foot Callus RemoverRechargeable portable Anti-aging Portable Device

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