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New Type Automatic Chill Setter Machine Double Compressor

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New type Automatic chill setter machine Double Compressor     P4   Showcase Perfect True MeaningDalong New Type Automatic Chill Setter Machine Lead New Direction of Refrigeration TechnologyThe era of rational doctrines has disappeared quietlyContinuously break through conventions Realize to showcase the desire in heart with classic shapeSurpass the dynamic feeling of the era with innovative design definitionImmerse in luxurious experience, cultivate technological sport geneFeel the refrigeration wildness that penetrates calmnessBuild remarkable courage of sharing exclusive landFunctional Features:● This machine is used for shaping after the shoe vamp and bottom compound. Adopting high efficiency cooling system and the total closing powerful cooling recycle, the temperature is quickly cooling down to -10℃-- -20℃ to get the best cool shaping efficiency.● Powerful cooling system with auto-defrost device could ensure the shoe last as required, more mild-proof. It accelerates stabilization times of the footwear and the polymerization times of the water based cements, ensure perfect sealing. ● The chill chamber uses the anti-condense double sides insulated material which can keep temperature and lower the energy consumption.● The special type conveyor belt with the cooling adjustable device, which can make the shoe cement faster stable and perfect sealing.● It let the shoe keep the best shape after out of the shoe lasting.Products Parameters:Model:P4Capacity:3000 Pairs/8h Power:8kwHydraulic pressure:0.6Mpa N.W.:900kg Dimension(LWH):4200*1100*1600mm

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