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Ni Powder

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Product Description
Mainly used as a conductive paint coatings and plastics shielding electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, for a variety of high gloss decorative paints and plastics instead of aluminum in an aqueous system for anti-corrosion paint and other fine spherical particles of nickel powder can be used for conductive inksUses: used for making non-ferrous alloys, preparation of high temperature, oxidation materials, magnetic materials, can also be used as a hydrogenation catalyst for chemical reactions.Packing: filled with protective gas lined with plastic bag plus a metal pail.Metal nickel as the metallic pigment a main component, comprising the nickel powder and flake-like nickel powder, the former is distilled and purified nickel carbonyl [Ni (CO) 4] vapor decomposition, by controlling the temperature, diluted with carbon monoxide and a gas co forming agent (oxygen and nitrogen) in the presence of a suitable shape of the nickel particles, and then rinsed off carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gas to control the oxygen content of the particles surface is 0.065%; the latter is a high-purity carbonyl nickel powder, and a liquid medium in the presence of a suitable lubricant by using steel balls in a ball mill ground to form a sheet of suitable thickness.

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