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Nichrome 60 Resistance Heating Tape - Heanjia Super-metals Co., Ltd

Nichrome 60 Resistance Heating Tape

PRICE: contract price
Product Description

Heanjia Super Metals Co., Ltd is a certified manufacturer and supplier of Nichrome 60 Resistance and Heating tape that offers large deterioration capacity, heat consistency, extended mechanical properties and anti-oxidizing features in the elevated temperature ranges. It offers large resistance to oxidation and electrical resistance and best suited for manufacturing heating equipments.



Thickness: 0.05mm above, Width: 2mm above

Chemical Composition of Nichrome 60/15 Tape:





1 max

Typical Tensile Strength and elongation of Nichrome 60/15 Tape:


600-900 N/mm2



Characteristics of Nichrome 60/15 Tape:

1. Excellent thermal stability, mechanical character, shockproof nature in thermal state in the high temperature.

2. Top notch electrical resistivity at elevated temperatures or running under cyclic heating and cooling conditions

3. Large tensile strength is 105 x 103 PSI, yield strength 50 x 103 PSI and modulus of elasticity is 31 x 106 PSI.


Applications Nichrome 60/15 wire Tape:

1. Primary used as Heating Elements

2. Hot-Wire Cutter

3. Elevated Temperatures Uses

4. Igniters, motorcycle silencers

5. Used for internal support to Ceramics


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Company Info

Heanjia Super-metals Co., Ltd
Contact Person:
Jialiang Zhao


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