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Nichrome Wire

Product Description

Nichrome wire is a high temperature resistance belt that fits best in the applications that are conducted at the elevated temperatures. It creates the oxide layer when heated to prevent the further corrosion of alloy such that it avoids the breakages or burns. It is an excellent anti-corrosion alloy that exhibits large coefficient of electric resistance and high tensile strength. The wire produces large amount of heat when it is heated abruptly.

The excellent resistance to corrosion and high electric resistivity at the elevated temperature limits make Nichrome wire purposeful in the production of heating appliances such as electric furnace, chemical houses, machines and metallurgy.

Characteristics of Nichrome Wire
1. Good deformation ability and thermal stability.
2. Excellent mechanical character, shockproof ability in thermal state and anti-oxidization nature
3. High electric resistivity and very good resistance to oxidation at the high temperatures

Applications of Nichrome Wire :
1. It is widely used in heating elements, electric furnace heating and heat-treating processes in the chemical, mechanical, metallurgical and defense industries.
2. Electric ovens, toasters, vacuum coating, and inner components of vacuum valves.
3. Nichrome Conveyor Belt is used to in heat processing in the electronic industry.

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