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Nickel Mesh For Fuel Cell

Product Description

Nickel Mesh/Screen for fuel cell is made of pure Nickel. The purity is 99.5%-99.9%. The fine expanded nickel mesh/screen is suitable for battery manufacture. The fine precision battery nickel mesh/screen is the company stayed independent research and development of a new nickel-compartment/Ni-Hi/Li-ion battery anode material. It is greatly reduced industrial production of Nickel separated/NiMH/Li-ion battery anode material made of the various options, their products easier to fill the porous network of surface material.

Nickel Mesh/Screen For Fuel Cell
There are two kinds of nickel meshes for battery:
1: Expanded nickel mesh from nickel foil, any thickness above 0.1mm,
2: Nickel wire mesh weaved of nickel wire, also any thickness above 0.1mm.

Mesh: 0.5-250mesh, Thickness: 0.1mm above.

Nickel Mesh Properties:
1: Good resistance to corrosion in acids and alkalis and is most useful under reducing conditions.
2: In acid, alkaline and neutral salt solutions, Nickel wire shows good resistance, but in oxidizing salt solutions severe attack will occur.
3: Nickel wire mesh is virtually immune to inter granular attack above 315 ̊C, chlorates must be kept to a minimum.
4: It is resistant to all dry gases at room temperature and in dry chlorine and hydrogen chloride may be used in temperatures up to 550℃.

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