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Nickel Plate

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Baoji Refractory Metal Developer Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China nickel plate manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company we have productive factory, welcome to wholesale nickel plate, nickel sheet products from us.² Range of use:  —Food processing equipment.                            —Chemical process.                           —Caustic handling equipment.  —Application of high pressure oxygen flam-retardant alloy.  —Reactors and vessels in which fluorine is generated and reacted with hydrocarbons.  —Sulfuric acid factory usage for heating pipe,container, basket,chain and so on.  —Cooling heat exchanger, marine product pipeline system and gas pipeline of acidic environment.  —Heat exchanger, steam machine, washing, impregnation pipe, etc. For phosphoric acid produce. ² Chemical Composition:GradeChief component%Impurities  max      %Ni+CoCuSiMnCMgSPFePbBiAsSbZnCdSnCrN499.90.0150.030.0020.010.010.0010.0010.040.0010.0010.0010.0010.0050.0010.001N599.00.250.300.350.020.010.400.2N699. NUS N02201 (ASTM B 162) same as N5 (GB/T 2054).NUS N02200 (ASTM B 162) same as N7 (GB/T 2054).² SpecificationThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)0.015-0.030100—>0.030-0.100150—>0.100-0.3002001000>0.300-1.5003001000>1.500-10.006001000Note:All the products can be supplied in according to customer’s requirement.² ToleranceThickness(mm)Thickness Tolerance(mm)III          0.05-0.09±0.005±0.003         >0.09-0.15±0.010±0.007         >0.15-0.30±0.015±0.010         >0.30-0.45±0.020±0.015         >0.45-0.55±0.025±0.020         >0.55-0.85±0.030±0.025         >0.85-0.95±0.035±0.030         >0.95-1.20±0.040±0.035         >1.2-1.5±0.090±0.110         >1.5-2.5±0.110±0.130         >2.5-4.0±0.130±0.150         >4.0-6.0±0.350±0.400         >6.0-8.0±0.400±0.500         >8.0-10.0±0.500±0.600 Note:Special demands on tolerance available.

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