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Nickel Strip

Product Description

Nickel Strip is used in the diverse corrosion conditions such as neutral, acidic and alkaline salts, sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid. The metal provides sufficient resistance to the strong and rigorous salts such as phosphorous trichloride, phosphorous oxychloride and benzoyl chloride.

Nickel Strip exhibits face centered cubic lattice structure that offers improved formability and strength. The machining of strip is performed with the large paced cutting equipments at the lower speed.

Corrosion Resistance Properties of Nickel Strip:
1. Dry gases at room temperature
2. Relatively nominal electrical resistivity
3. Acidic or alkaline conditions and de-aerated acid
4. Inter granular corrosion above 315oC
5. Neutral salts

Applications of Pure Nickel Strip
1. Viscose rayon production
2. Electric equipments and chemical machinery.
3. Vinyl chloride monomer.
4. Manufacturing valves grid and internal parts of vacuum valves.

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