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Niobium Planar Sputtering Targets

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Product Name: niobium tube, niobium capillaryExecution standard: B394-98 ASTMBrand: RO4200-1, RO4210-2Specifications: diameter 1.0-150mmThickness 0.2-5.0MMLength 200mm-6000mmChmical composition:GradeMainothers  Max%NbFeSiNiWMoTiTaOCHNNb1remind0.0040.0040.0020.0050.0050.0020.070.0150.00400.00150.003Nb2remind0.010.010.0050.020.010.0040. proprietiesStandard tensile strength ,min pound /inch2(MPa)   Yield strength(0.2%Residual deformation)Min, pound / inch 2 (Mpa) Elongation, min%1 inch (25.4 mm) markRO4200-1RO4210-2 18000 (125)12000 (85) 25 The niobium tube for sputtering targets relates to the mechanical field, in particular to a 360 degree rotating niobium tube target. Contains the niobium tube target, which is a hollow cylinder, the diameter of 146mm, which is a seamless tube. The length of the niobium tube target is 686mm. The two sides of the niobium tube target are provided with a mounting groove. Also includes an outer niobium tube target which can be sheathed on a niobium tube. The external niobium tube targetand the niobium tube target can be separated and installed. The above technical scheme of the utility model, compared with the existing technology has the following beneficial effects: target around the fixed bar magnet component rotation, resulting in a 360 degree target surface can be uniform etching, utilization rate is as high as 80%. The melting range of niobium is 1580-1630 degrees Celsius. The total content inside the Nb target tissue Nb is greater than 99.17%, the grain size after the solid solution treatment reached about 100 m level.Application: niobium and niobium alloy pipes with high melting point, corrosion resistance, good cold workability characteristics, widely used in chemical industry, electronic industry, aviation and aerospace industry, mainly for the production of high-pressure sodium lamp, aviation and aerospace engine structural materials, chemical reaction container, a heat exchanger tube, reactor internal components and package materials such as. Added in niobium zirconium can significantly improve the antioxidant capacity and strength of the material, at present of niobium zirconium alloy is made into the capillary supply lamp manufacturing industry.

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