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Niobium Plate

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V&D New Materials (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China niobium plate manufacturers, with professional factory we are able to produce cheap, low price niobium plate with reliable quality. Welcome to wholesale products from us.Niobium PlateProuduct pictures The products are mainly applied in chemical corrosion,jewelry manufacturing and electronics.Our products are manufactured according to the industrial standard strictly and can be processed according to particular requirement.Product performance 1. Low Density and High Strength 2. Excellent Corrosion Resistance 3. Good resistance to effect of heat 4. Excellent Bearing to cryogenic property 5. Nonmagnetic and Non-toxic 6. Good thermal properties 7. Low Modulus of ElasticityApplication 1) Chemical industry 2) Petrochemical industry 3) Machining field, Automobile field, etc. 4) Desalination of sea water 5) Textile printing and dyeing 6) Mobile phone component field.

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