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Niobium Target

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Baoji Zhipu Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Co.,Ltd is one of the most famous China niobium target manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale cheap niobium target products from our company and factory.Niobium metal is gray.melting point2468℃,boiling point4742℃,density8.57g/cm³.Niobium metal is stable in the air at room temperature.In the oxygen niobium metal not be completely oxidation.Under the high temperature niobium metal can be combined with C,N,S directly.And niobium metal can be with Ti,Zr,W to alloy.Not with inorganic acid or alkali, not soluble in aqua regia, but soluble in hydrofluoric acid.Product nameniobium targetgradeNb1,Nb2.standardGB/T3630-2006purity≥99.95%Round target Specificationdiameter(25-400)x thickness(3-28)mmSquare target specificationthickness(1-20)x width(10-1000)x length(200-2000)mmState=annealing state(M) 或 hard state(Y)Chemical composition:gradeChemical composition%NbFeSiNiWMoTiTaOCHNNb1remain0.0040.0040.0020.0050.0050.0020.070.0150.0040.00150.003Nb2remain0.010.010.0050.020.010.0040. property:standardTensile Strength,pounds / inch (MPa))yield strength(The residual deformation of 0.2%)pounds / inch (MPa))Elongation %inch (25.4 mm) gaugeRO4200-1RO4210-218000(125)12000(85)25Application:for chemical,medical,glasses,electric,electroplating,electronic ,aerospace,military industry ,Oil and other industries.Niobium targetgrade:Nb1,Nb2.standard:GB/T3630-2006purity:≥99.95%Round target Specification:diameter(25-400)x thickness(3-28)mmSquare target specification:thickness(1-20)x width(10-1000)x length(200-2000)mmState: =annealing state(M) 或 hard state(Y);

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