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Nitinol Wire

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As one of the professional China nitinol wire manufacturers and suppliers, Hanz Material Technology is able to supply you with high quality nitinol wire. Welcome to make contact with us.NameGradeTransformation Temperature AFFormStandardShape Memory Nitinol AlloyTi-Ni-0120 °C~ 40 °CWire,bar,     plate    Customer specified orIndustry standardTi-Ni-0245 °C~ 90 °CSuperelastic Nitinol AlloyTiNi-SS-5 °C~ 5 °CLow Temperature Superelastic Nitinol AlloyTN3-5°C~ -15°C-20°C~ -30°C TNCMedical Nitinol AlloyTiNi-SS33 ± 3 °CASTM F2063Narrow Hysteresis Nitinol AlloyTi-Ni-CuAs-Ms ≤ 5 °C Wire, barWide Hysteresis Nitinol AlloyTi-Ni-FeAs-Ms ≤ 150 °C1.Size:Wire: Dia0.05-6.0mmBar: Dia3.0mm—20mmSheet: Thickness 0.3-10.0mm  Width≤400mm  Length≤2500mm2.Surface State Options:     ♣   Black oxide surface   ♣ As cleaned surface  ♣  Medical grade polished surface   ♣  Centerless ground surface   3. Chemical composition:    Ni: 55.4% --56.2% C≤0.07 H≤0.005 O≤0.050 N:≤ 0.05 4.Applicationcell phone antenna, children's toys, experimental materials, glasses leg, women bra,Women's Sports Central,arch wires, instruments, and medical equipment, such as surgical stitching wire, birth control loop and other areas of high-quality memory alloy wire.e5.Standard:   ASTM F2063-05  Q/XB1516  Customer specified or Industry Standard AlloyChemicalcompositionAf(Fully annealed)Min. elongation to failure [%]Max. Residualelongationafter 6%strain [%]Main ApplicationsSpecificationsSuperelasticNi-Ti alloyTiNi-SSTi-50.8at%-5°C ± 5°C.100.1Eyeglass Frames, Cellular Phone Antennae, Bra UnderwireQ/XB1516.2Q/XB1516.2TN3TNCTiNiVAlTiNiCr-40°C ~50°C100.1Body temperatureNi-Ti alloyTiNi-YYTi-50.7at%NiFunctional Af=33 ± 3150.1Implantable devices,Bone staplesVascular StentsASTM 2063Ti-Ni-0155.6~55.8 wt%Ni20 - 40150.1Guide wires, StentsOrthodontic ArchesQ/XB1516.1High temperature Ni-Ti alloyTi-Ni-0254.8~55.5wt%Ni45 - 95100.1Implantable active devices, Surgical tools, Thermostats CoffeepotsQ/XB1516.1TiNiCuTiNiCuAs-Ms ≤ 5100.1

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