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Nolvadex/tamoxifen Citrate/turinabol cas 54965-24-1 (

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Super Pure Oral 99% min. Anti-breast Cancer Steroid Powder Nolvadex/Tamoxifen Citrate/TURINABOL CAS 54965-24-1 for Anti-estrogen


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Tamoxifen Citrate is an estrogen agonist in the liver, capable of activating the estrogen receptor and mimicking the actions of this sex hormone in this region of the body. As such it can have a markedly positive impact on HDL (good) cholesterol values, as does estrogen. Many similarly use this drug to counter some of the negative consequences of steroid use in regards to cholesterol values and cardiac risk, as steroids often suppress HDL and raise LDL levels considerably. in some instances an athlete is able to maintain a very favorable HDL/LDL cholesterol ratio, to spite the use of a mode rate dosage (400mg weekly) of an injectable like testosterone or nandrolone. It would be foolish to think however that Nolvadex would be a sufficient remedy with the heavy use of c-l7alpha alkylated orals or extremely high dosed cycles in general

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