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Nomex Fiber Packing

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Checking nomex fiber packing manufacturers online? Welcome to contact TECSON, we are a leading nomex fiber packing, kynol fiber packing supplier equiped with professional factory. SonPack S4700l Material: Acrylic fiber, PTFE.l Structure: Lattice braid.l Application Media: Abrasives, water, medium acids & caustics, oils, steam, solvents.l Equipment: Rotating & Reciprocating equipment; Valves.l Industry Serviced: Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, General Industry, and Agriculture. SonPack S4800l Material: Nomex fiber, PTFE.l Structure: Lattice braid.l Application Media: Abrasives, water, medium acids & caustics, oils, steam, solvents, paper stock, liquors, asphalt, fly ash, and condensate.l Equipment: Rotating & Reciprocating equipment, valves.l Industry Serviced: Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Food & Sugar industries.

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