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Non Computerized Automatic Hydraulic Toe Lasting Machine

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Non computerized automatic hydraulic toe lasting machine     LD-587CThe automatic hydraulic toe lasting machine LD-587C is the classical Solid Series of Dalong MachineNew Style Toe Lasting Machine Solid Rock SeriesWell-known to be model of efficiencyPerfectly adhering to previous generation of good performanceUtilizing brand technology to make details more perfectA truly sophisticated machine typeCertainly needs to accurately meet all requirementsIt depends on different factorsOne of them is the combination of high quality material and good workmanshipObtaining high quality material is hard And it’s even valuable to acquire such a technology toShape it into good productsOnly by owning rich experienceAnd both hands that can grasp material features andKnow clearly its natureCan honorable value be realizedFunctional Features:●Adopt all-in-one integrated control panel: The all-in-one integrated control panel reflect  user friendly pursuit●The 2nd and 5th pincers rotation angle: The 2nd and 5th pincers could automatically rotate to fit for different shoe sizes.●Three-points toe band tightening mechanism●Imported mute hydraulic system: The precise screw pump replaced the traditional paddle pump to ensure the mute working environment. ●Advanced Oil pump cooling system: The advanced and best performed oil pump cooling system ensures the working temperature same as normal, which is the best assurance of long time & stable working.●Timing system of heel advance movement:Heel advance simultaneous movement with last support ensures the best lasting effect.●The design of free calibration of toe head pressing stroke supplies surely very stable pressing force, which entirely unaffected by oil temperature or different oil pressure.●Pincers could be rapidly installed and released easily.●The synchronous descending function for last support, pincers could be detached quickly without removing the outer support.●All-around forming band and specially tracked wipers ensure uppers more evenly and closely attached to lasts after lasting. No protrusion shall occur.●The inside and outside last support could move down simultaneously which make pincers change faster. Distance between the first pincer and support plate could be quickly adjusted according to the different size of shoes.●Pincer plate could be horizontally moved synchronously and independently with two steps changing at one side, which is very fast and accurately.  Product Parameters:Model:LD-587CCapacity:2000 Paris/8hPower:1.5kwHydraulic pressure:4-5MpaHeating Power:0.5kwN.W.:1100kgDimension(LWH):1750*950*1950mm

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