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Non-woven Activated Carbon Fiber Fabric In Roll

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Product Description  Activated carbon fiber is use man-made fibers by low temperature carbonization, carbonization temperature, activation and other special material made of high adsorption. It is featured with a wealth of high specific surface area and pore, acid and alkali, low ash, has good electrical properties and chemical stability; The product not only has excellent adsorption properties, but also has good reducing ability, adsorption, removal attached speed, can be used repeatedly.Activated carbon fiber application  (1) Air purification: Activated Carbon Filter Felt can be used to make up air filter which is able to absorb and filtrate the harmful gas in the air like O3, SO2, NO2 and others effluvium mephitis or fume.  (2) Water purification: Activated Carbon Filter Feltis able to clean the hazardous material of water such as organic matter or heavy-metal ion, fustiness smelt, bacteria residual chlorine etc. It can be used in drinking industry, beverage, beer, medicine, refine sugar and others vocation to purify water. Besides, it also can be used in the production of decolour craft, blue ice or drinking water.  (3) Polluted water treatment: Activated Carbon Filter Felt can be used in treating water contaminated by various kinds of pollution sources, such as chemical industry, electroplating, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, medical treatment and daily life. It can remove organic materials, bacteria, organic dye in the water, especially the poison and harmful waste water containing high valence metal ion.  (4) Recovery of Organic Solvent: Activated Carbon Filter Felt is applied to adsorption and restoring towards benzene, ketone, fat, spirit and other types of organic solvent. At the same time, it makes environment improvement.  (5) Sanitary precaution: Activated Carbon Filter Felt can be used to make up gas mask, gas defence or anti-dust respirator, gas-protection clothing and others. It takes a preferable adsorptive and bridging effect on the toxic gas. It also benifit for sealing and obstructing in the radioactive places or for the radiation equipment covering and other engineering.  (6) Medical treatment and biological engineering: Activated Carbon Filter Felt can be used to make artificial kidney, hepatic sorbent, traumatic bandage used for human body and various kinds of medical drug sundries for degermation, deodorizing material. It also can be applied to produce blood filter of human body or demoenzyme used on biological engineering.  (7) Daily Life: Activated Carbon Filter Felt can be used to make up of the icebox deodorization, fruit and vegetable refreshing, domestic water purifier, cigarette filter tip, antigas prophylaxis insole, hygiene shorts and other supplies.  (8) Activated Carbon Filter Felt can be used in thermal insulation materials for high-temperature resisting and the ablation resistant materials.Activated carbon fiber technical specification   ItemIndexUnitrangeTest method1Filament diameterdenier10-202Bulk densityg/cm30.04-0.103Ignition point°C》500ASTM D34664Surface aream2/g800-2000BET5Pore volumecm3/g0.6-1.23Single point Adsorption6PH valuePH5.6-7.0GB/T12496*20-907Ash%≤1.5GB/T12496*11-908Benzene absorption rate5-70Jisk1474-91Weight: 60-300g / m2, width ≤1.5m, Size can be customized according to customer requirements.  Packing: 20KG / roller, one roller per box. air filtration and water filtration.

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