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Non-woven Dressing

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Product Description
Features: ● Different materials can be applied according to clinical needs: water repellent nonwoven fabric, spunlace nonwoven fabric, composited nonwoven fabric, and highly permeable PU film (20-40g/m2).● Keep a closed environment and stop the comtamination to accelerate the wound healing.● Special acrylic glue with low allergy: glue coating 30-50g/m2 ; good initial, constant and re-adhesive viscidity, suitable peeling strength; comfortable and longtime wearingon the skin.● Advanced coating techniques, excellent breathability and permeability; low allergy.● Absorbency of pad is more than 8 times. The pad won’t stick on wound, so it is easy to peel off and avoid secondary hurt.● Waterproof and spunlace woven fabric dressing covered by PU film can protect wound area from water, so patients could take shower when they or bath freely.● Humanized design, all kinds of sizes give you more choice for clinical using.Conditions: ● postoperative wound● chronic wound● small cut wound● bruise wound.Direction for use: 1.lean the wound with saline water before using and make the skin around the wound dry.2.Non-woven dressing 2cm bigger than the wound should be chosen to cover the wound.3.When the exudate is 2cm close the non-woven dressing edge, it is indicated that non-woven dressing should be changed.It can be used together with other dressings.

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