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No spark of hard rock spin cutter

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The product name:No Spark of hard rock spin cutter Model:U95JMGThe product features: 1.Use alloy flank technology body and hard alloy welding(patent), its shear strength is not less than 260MPa, filling ration of materials in welding gap are on above 90%, it is 2 times than national standard.2.Spinning by itself, make alloy and body be abrased on averagely.3. The No spark of alloy wear–resisting layer which is Cladded behind the alloy body , use medium " no spark", the cutter body is wear-resisting very much.Alloy head shape:A:CAPOur market leading cap carbide tips are best suited for soft to medium-hard materials and applications. A valve seat braze joint increases strength and shear resistance. These tips offer superior penetration, and the larger carbide shoulder provides excellent protection against steel wash.B:INSERTInsert carbide tips prevail in high impact conditions or when working with hard materials. These industry leading tips are ideal for penetration applications where steel wash is not an issue.Packing :Plastic case/wooden box

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