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Nr / Epdm Tunnel Waterproof Seal

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Water expansion of the seal (water swelling strip), having water swelling properties of the putty-type seal and seal type products collectively.
Water swelling rubber is a unique new rubber products. It has the general performance rubber products, but also their own water swelling properties, is a new type of waterproof material, sealing, waterproofing effect is more reliable than ordinary rubber.
Features and Benefits:
Shines through the more water-swellable rubber rubber has superior features and benefits. All irregular surface, the gap between the hole and the kind of rubber produced in water after 2-3 times of expansion and deformation, and full seam, while a huge contact pressure, completely prevent leakage. When the joints or construction joints displacement, resulting in a gap material beyond the elastic range, ordinary type rubber seal material sealing effect is lost. And the material can also be sealing by swelling. Use water swelling rubber as plugging sealing sealing material, not only the amount of savings, but also can eliminate the generally elastomeric material due to excessive compression caused by the elastic fatigue characteristics, so that waterproof effect more reliable. 
Shield tunnel segment waterproof rubber seal, which belongs to the field of underground construction materials tunnel, a heat shield tunnel lining segment joints with hot vulcanized rubber waterproof seal, waterproof material is the primary shield tunnel directly prevent groundwater seepage into the tunnel, the utility model in the shape of a long strip, its cross-sectional shape of the structure of a trapezoidal cross section of the upper elastic waterproof layer, an adhesive cross section of the lower buffer layer, elastic waterproof layer is provided with a stress adjustment hole; flexible waterproof material trapezoidal cross-section the upper layer is a vulcanized rubber; trench bond stress regulating hole can be set according to the size and number of holes or not set, and can be made into a frame-shaped segments and segments according to the size of the longitudinal direction of the installation .
Rubber Sealing, including: water stop body (1); the water stop (1) to open the projection (2); open recess in the back of the projection (2) (3), the surface water stop body (1) opened jagged lines, forming a seal line (5). The utility model elastic rubber water-stop structure formed by projections and recesses involved sufficiently superior gap filling sealing structure of the sealing performance, practical. Our independent research extruded EPDM rubber water-stop material, preferably its anti-aging properties and low temperature performance, advanced products belong.

Hebei xingyuan automobile component co.,ltd. was established in 1995. Registered capital of 100 million yuan, the plant covers an area of ​​46,000 square meters, construction area of ​​26,000 square meters, the existing professional and technical staff of 53 people, employees 210 people. The company is producing all kinds of seals as the main body, it is a research, development, production, sales, service as one of the company.

The company now has 13 extrusion production lines, automatic molding curing machine 10, has a refining machine, mixer, plate vulcanizing machines, injection molding machines, vulcanization molding machines and other large number of close to 100 units.

Our products mainly include series seal series, hose series, injection series, molded products series, products are made of plastic, rubber, thermoplastic elastomers three systems, a dozen types. Product range covers all types of vehicles, electric cars, trains, subway, tunnel engineering, building walls, aluminum doors and windows, electrical cabinets, marine terminals, container, etc., after nearly 20 years of experience in the design and development, especially good at all types of EPDM development of product development.

The company imported raw materials, advanced production technology and fully automated assembly line production equipment, with perfect control testing methods and perfect after-sales service, has passed CCS, SGS, ISO / TS16949: 2009 certification. Wherein the color coating rubber technology access to national patents, production technology for the Chinese leader.

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Honest and win-win、pragmatic innovation、efficiency collaboration、 the pursuit of excellence
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Scientific and technological innovation, Progress, to carry forward the spirit of artisans
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Quality first、 the supremacy of credibility、 to provide customers with quality products and services
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People-oriented, Moral character as the root, god reward those who work hard

We are committed to the global market , we continue to develop new products , to provide quality seals as part of our business for the industry in the world .

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