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ZnS Window Features: Excellent optical uniformity, resisting acid-base erosion,stable chemical performance. High refractive index,high refractive index and high transmittance within visible range.Applications: Optics,electronics, photoelectronic devices.ZnS is grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. For windows,domes and lenses for thermal-imaging system.CVD ZnS, which appears orange, mainly works in Far-infrared region Multi-spectrum ZnS (M-ZnS) shows excellent optical properties across the full band of 0.4-12μm, can be used in Far-, Mid-, Near-infrared and visible regions.CVD ZnS windows, lenses and domes with size up to ?250×16mm. For M-ZnS, the maximum size is 300×200×15mm.  ZnS is a very important optical crystals applied in IR waveband. Transmitting range of CVD ZnS is 8um-14um, high transmittance, low absorption, ZnS with multi-spectrum level by heating etc. static pressure technics has improved the transmittance of IR and visible range.Specifications:Material: ZnSDimension Tolerance +0.0/-0.1mmThickness Tolerance: ±0.1mmSurface quality: 60/40Clear Aperture: >85%Flatness: λ/2@633nmParallelism: 3'

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