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Nylon 66 Thread

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Nylon  66 sewing threadNylon 66 thread  is the  No.1 in all sewing thread. It is made by twisting the nylon filament, sticking  inside, and molding to make sure no separation. Due to the advantage  of nylon materials and the effective lubricant disposal,nylon 66 thread  has the best sewing effect .Material 100% nylonItem Nylon 66 sewing ThreadColor color card or customer's colorApplication Sports shoes, Leather Shoes, bags, Light Leather Goods, sofas,   costumes, toys, reticules, etcAvailable for knitting, weaving ,warping and weft yarn, tape, ribbons,    velcro tapes, technical textile fabric, accessories and so on.Specification 120D/2,120D/3,150D/2,150D/3,210D/2,210D/3,250D/2,250D/3 ,300D/3,   420D/3, 630D/3, 840D/3,etc.Superiority High strength,good elasticity, good yarn evenness with no broken   filament.MOQ 1 TonFeatures:  ·Super sew ability,Acid-proof,  Alkali-proof,High tenacity,Light weight,Abrasion resistance,  ·Low  thermal conductivity,Resistance to seawater corrosion,Non-hygroscopic etc…  ·Light  weight thread ideal for women's and children's footwear, handbags, orthopedic devices and leather  articles  ·High  tensile strength and elasticity  ·Excellent  abrasion resistance  ·Excellent  Resistance to chemical, bacteria, mildew and abrasion  ·Superior  seam strength and amazing recovery propertiesFlat, Ribbon like cross-section deivers  low seam profile  ·Available  in natural, white, black and colors  ·by the  resin and finished by special lubricant and heat-settingSpec. Diameter(m/m) Tensile    strength Tensile    elongation 120D/30.23≥2.3 kg8.40150D/20.22≥2.0kg8.40150D/30.25≥2.9kg8.40210D/20.25≥2.5kg9.30250D/20.28≥3.0kg9.50210D/30.32≥3.7kg9.40250D/30.33≥4.8kg9.60210D/40.36≥5.1kg11.40250D/40.40≥6.0kg10.50420D/20.36≥5.1kg9.00500D/20.40≥6.0kg6.00300D/30.38≥5.6kg11.10420D/30.45≥7.5kg10.40500D/30.48≥8.6kg11.30630D/30.50≥11.0kg11.00750D/30.55≥13.7kg11.60840D/30.60≥13.5kg11.301260D/30.80≥21.0kg12.502100D/31.20≥32.5kg15.30

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