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Oca Lamination Vacuum Repair Machine Zm-mmd2

Product Description

2. Specification & Parameter Setting

  Voltage:  □AC220V     □AC110V

  Working condition:  30-45℃

  Power:  650W

  Efficiency:  12min

  Size:  45*38*37CM

  Packaging size:  55*50*50CM

  Net weight:  38KG

  Gross weight:  50KG

  Laminating pressure:0.3-0.38MPa

  Lamination time:40S

  Lamination temperature:45℃

  Bubble removing pressure:6MPa

  Bubble removing time:8-10Mins


3.Features Introduce

This is machine combines two functions of bubble removing and lamination, press a button can auto finish bubble removing and lamination, the machine with a built-in vacuum pump, air compressor, laminating and bubble removing can be conducted in a warehouse at the same time. Of course, you can only use the bubble removing function!


4. Operation Guide

 ·Automatic Mode (Lamination and bubble removing in one time)

1. Turn on Power, and turn the transformation to automatic modes. Now air compressor starts working.

2. Open the cover, put LCD on the site, close the cover, rotate the knob and fix the cover.

3. Press “Start” and machine starts working.

  ·Bubble Removing Mode

1. Put LCD on the site, close and fix the cover.

2. Turn on Power, and turn the transformation to bubble removing mode, machine start to work, when machines go through the time we set up, machine will exhaust the air automatically and stop. After gas-pressure meter show zero air pressure, then you can open the cover, and take out the LCD.


5. Notice

1. Before open the cover, please check and confirm all the gas-pressure meters show zero air pressure, to

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