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Octa Bisphenol S Diether

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IntroductionOctabromobisphenol-S is a new kind of an additive type high performance flame retardant containing both aromatic bromide and aliphatic bromide,widely used in PP, PE, PS, ABS, Rubber, fiber and other polymers,BDDP has many advantages: High decomposition temperature,good thermal stability and light stability,good compatibility with polymer,not decrease the mechanical performance of product.IndexName: Octabromobisphenol-SFormula: c18h14o4br8Appearance: White powderBromine content:  ≥64%Melting point: ≥116℃Volatile: ≤0.3%ApplicationOctabromobisphenol-S is a new alternative of BDDP,Using Strong polar group insteand of isopropyl in molecule,compare to BDDP,own better light resistance, thermal resistance and oxidation resistance,more effective used in PP,in general, only need 8—10% with 2—3% Sb2O3 can make PP meet the UL94-V0 requirement,is one of the best flame retardants used in PP.Packing and storage:Net 25kg/woven bag with inner plastic bag,stored in dry and cool place.

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