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Odf Patch Panel Sc,fc,st,duplex Sc,duplex Lc

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Among those famous odf patch panel p1 series manufacturers - greentelftth.com and suppliers in China, Green Telecom Tech Co.,Ltd can offer you customized odf patch panel p1 series made in China. Our factory is waiting for your contact.
   ODF patch panels are designed to provide a high density 19" rack-mountable solution for next generation fiber networks, it is used as terminal equipemnt of fiber optical cable for fiber patching,fixation,splicing and management.
   Green Telecom ODF patch panel offers superior optical performance, high stability and high reliability, meet various application requirements in FTTx construction , ODN construction, LAN, Metro network and CATV.
Rack-mounted 19" with sliding drawer design
Integrated with splice cassette and cable management elements
Manages large quantities of fiber with high density design
Easy to maintain and extend fibers in the future
Fiber bend radius control more than 40mm
Suitable for the splice of ribbon and bunchy cables
Maximum capacity up to 96 ports
Efficient space for cable management
Cable led out from left or right side of patch panel rear part 
Fully comply with Telcordia GR1209/1221 qualifications
1 Body Material2 3 Adaptor4 Capacity5 Pigtail6 Body Color
01:Cold Rolled SteelNil:No Adaptor12:12F09B:0.9mm BunchyWT:White
02:Stainless SteelSU:SU/UPC24:24F09S:0.9mm SingleBK:Black

SA:SA/UPC48:48F09R:0.9mm RibbonGY:Grey

FU:FC/UPC72:72F20S:2.0mm Single

FA:FC/APC96:96F30S:3.0mm Single



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