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Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

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Product Description
Applications:Oil resistant conveyor belt has good oil resistance and organic solvent resistance. It is fit for carrying materials including oil and organic solvent. Characteristics:Overlay glue is NBR which has good oil resistance According to consumer’s ordering we choose strengthen material. Major variety and oil resistance : Tensile Strength Elongation at BreakMaximum Abrasion LossPolymer RubberWorking Temperaturempa% minMm3Degree CentigradeOR153000NBR Blended-30 to +60MOR1230000NBR Blended-30 to +50OHR154000NBR Blended+ 100 lumpBy preventing the swelling phenomenon, cover rubber flaking phenomenon and reverse through phenomenon that occur when oil-containing material is conveyed, it prolongs the belt's life. It is used to convey chemicals, pulp, pottery, foodstuff, fertilizer and when drugs are attached to the conveyed material. According to the conveyed material or the kind of drug attached to the conveyed material, acid-proof or alkali-proof cover rubber should be selected.

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