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Onshore Pneumatic Internal Clamp With Copper Backing Shoes

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Onshore Pneumatic Internal Pipe Clamp with Copper Backing Shoes This clamp is mainly used for aligning two pipes in long distance onshore pipeline construction projects, equipped with copper backing shoes to support automatic welding use. Control mode: electric control or pneumatic control based on customer’s requirement.Copper backing shoes performance parameter:HardnessConductivity IACSTensile strengthSoftening temperature80–84HRB85a0MPa930℃Model and specification:      Model DKQ168T DKQ219T DKQ273T DKQ324T DKQ355T DKQ406T Applicable pipe size6″      Φ1688″      Φ21910″      Φ27312″      Φ32414″      Φ35516″-18″      Φ406-Φ457Product overallΦ120x2200Φ175x1300Φ170x1350Φ250x1500Φ280x1600Φ360x1980Weight100 kg50 kg85 kg130 kg170 kg250 kgNumber of clamp shoes4x24x26x28x210x210x2Number of copper shoes4x24x26x28x210x210x2Clamping force5T20T20T55T68T85TModel DKQ508T DKQ610T DKQ711T DKQ813T DKQ914T DKQ1016T Applicable pipe size20″-22″      Φ508-Φ55924″-26″      Φ610-Φ66028″-30″      Φ711-Φ76232″-34″      Φ813-Φ86436″-38″      Φ914-Φ96540″-44″      Φ1016-Φ1117Product overallΦ470x2700Φ550x2750Φ650x2850Φ750x3000Φ850x3230Φ950x3280Weight525 kg680 kg850 kg1000 kg1300 kg1500 kgNumber of clamp shoes10x212x212x216x218x218x2Number of copper shoes10x212x212x216x218x218x2Clamping force150T183T270T270T450T650TModel DKQ1168T DKQ1320T DKQ1473T DKQ1625T DKQ1778T DKQ1930T Applicable pipe size46″-50″      Φ1168-Φ127052″-56″      Φ1320-Φ142258″-62″      Φ1473-Φ157464″-68″      Φ1625-Φ172770″-74″      Φ1778-Φ187976″-80″      Φ1930-Φ2032Product overallΦ1000x3800Φ1150x4120Φ1250x4200Φ1450x4300Φ1640x4300Φ1780x4500Weight1750 kg1950 kg2300 kg2600 kg2800 kg3000 kgNumber of clamp shoes24x224x230x230x236x236x2Number of copper shoes24x224x230x230x236x236x2Clamping force750T750T750T750T750T750T

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