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Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China optical mirrors manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with professional factory we are always able to produce low price optical mirrors with reliable quality.    Protective MirrorYAG / Fiber Cutter Reflective Mirror    YAG / Fiber Cutter Focus LensExpendorProtective MirrorsProtective mirrors are generally separated white glass, K9, BKT, and quartz, etc materials.White glass is usual glass as window we saw, can not use for high temperature, easy to damage; K9 is mainly used in low power machines, transmittance is higher, also can not use for high temperature, suitable for machines which laser power less than 200W; BKT is slightly better than K9; Quartz material mostly suitable for laser cutting / welding machine protective lens, which in metal processing industry. It bears high temperature, high transmittance, general the 200W-3000W laser machines use quartz mirror to protective focus lens. Same like the materials of mirror, coating is also important, it affects the life time and transmittance of mirrors, slag also will affect the using of mirrors.Most of the protective mirrors are failure not for broken, but the slag sticking on mirrors. After the coating technology improved, slag is less, is greatly extended the service life of the mirrors.Laser cutting / welding machine normally will use gas assisted when process, it will generate a reaction force, with high temperature environment, will produce great pressure on protective mirrors, so we recommend using thicker mirrors, generally up than 3mm, 1-2mm not to use as less as possible.Protective mirror is use for protect focus lens, the focus lens cost much higher, use the good quality protective mirrors, can prolong lift time of focus lene.Cleaning with absolute ethanol in one direction gently, not damage the surface coating!Protective Mirrors Data SheetDiameter (mm)Thickness (mm)Wavelength2011064nm22.3541064nm2521064nm2541064nm25.441064nm301/1.5/31064nm303/51064nm3241064nm343/51064nm3821064nm38.11.661064nm391.5/21064nm401.5/21064nm403/41064nm4231064nm4831064nm5021064nm752/41064nm12341064nmMore size welcome to contact!0℃ or 45℃ Reflective MirrorReflective Mirror Data SheetWavelengthSizeMaterialRemark532nmØ20*3K945℃, Flat/Flat532nmØ20*3K90℃, Flat/Flat532nmØ25*3K945℃, Flat/Flat808nmØ25*3K945℃, Flat/Flat808nmØ20*4K90℃, Flat/Flat950-980nmØ20*5K945℃, Flat/Flat532nm, 1064nmØ20*3K90℃, Flat/Flat1064nmØ12.7*3K945℃, Flat/Flat1064nmØ25*3K945℃, Flat/Flat1064nmØ30*4K945℃, Flat/Flat1064nmØ40*3K945℃, Flat/Flat1064nmØ45*3K945℃, Flat/Flat1064nmØ48*3K945℃, Flat/Flat1064nmØ60*3K945℃, Flat/Flat1064nmØ60*6K945℃, Flat/Flat1064nmØ72*3K945℃, Flat/Flat1064nmØ20*5K90℃, Flat/Convex R10001064nmØ20*4K90℃, Flat/Concave R15001064nmØ20*4K90℃, Flat/Concave R20001064nmØ20*4Quartz0℃, Flat/Concave R15001064nmØ20*5Quartz0℃, Flat/Concave R30001064nmØ20*5Quartz0℃, Flat/Concave R50001064nmØ20*4Quartz0℃, Flat/Flat1064nmØ20*5Quartz0℃, Flat/FlatMore size welcome to contact!Quartz Focus Lens (singlet) Data SheetWavelengthSize (mm)Focus Length (mm)106412.7-26, -50106416-20,-26,-30,-48,-50,26106420-26,-30,-38,-40,-5510642025,75,80,100,125,150,200106425.4-48.69,50,100,120,150106425.4175,200,250,300,400,600,800,1000106427-3510642815010643030,37.5,50,65,150,200106436-105,-362.73106438.1125106442125106440120106450105,120,150,200,300,106454184106472155Have doublet & triplet focus lens to buy. More size welcome to contact!Expendor For YAG Cutter, WelderExpendor (M22*0.75)YAG Marker / Fiber Marker1064nm4/5/6 TimesCO2 Marker10.6um2.5/3/4 Times

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