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Ordinary Asphalt Distributor

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Hangzhou ICOM Construction Machinery Co.,LtdHangzhou ICOM Construction Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture of road construction machinery in china. Management team with many years of experience in the design and manufacture of construction equipment and trained world renowned equipment manufacturing experts at home and abroad a number of important new technology road works promotion of new equipment , get a good project results. Especially developed to optimize applications with industry-leading levels of construction equipment and asphalt in the asphalt performance .My company has a system integration technology road construction equipment, to meet the equipment requirements of the whole process . Management team has a strict work style and good business philosophy of cooperation between the parties work together to provide integrated services industry demeanor , higher precision specialized in the development of the road . Factory: Ready to go: Parts warehouse : Painting workshop: Assembly workshop: Show details: Main technical description of ZQZ5071GLQ standard asphalt distributor 1 Main Technical Descriptionl ZQZ5071GLQ standard asphalt distributor is realized bitumen transportation, heating, insulation and spraying with one of the special vehicle, the vehicle environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient,safe, comfortable, reliable, powerful; but also has good handling and stability, bearing ability, saving power and low noise . Our company carefully developed to high-tech, high reliability, high maneuverability and userfriendly design and other advantages of asphalt distributor known as the Benchmarking product.1. Spraying system 2.Heating system 3.Asphalt tank 4. hydraulic system 5. Chassis 6. Asphalt pipeline 7. high-pressure accumulator 8. Toolbox 9. GeneratorSpray Description:1:Rear spraying with one-button switch and asphalt cycle2:Left and right folding rear spray, max spraying width is 4.5m.3:Domestic brands of large displacement and high viscosity asphalt heat pump4:Reasonable pipe layout is beautiful. Asphalt cycle can be achieved5:After high-precision processing technology made of stainless steel nozzle, reliable, smooth movement, spraying evenly.Three overlapping spray One – button spray Three overlapping spray Asphalt heating system Pitch pipe cleaning system Clean diesel tank High pressure air purge valve High pressure air purge valve Clean diesel Solenoid valve Pneumatic control valve one-button control spray G:The whole of humanity1:Cab is spacious and comfortable. Ergonomically optimized surround-type instrument layout is compact, clean, all kinds of buttons, switches within reach, anti-reflective LCD display relevant information legible. The adjustment range of seat is max compared with similar truck and more comfortable. Antiball outlet side window frost, fog, cold forming, hot wall, while the optional automaticair conditioning, automatic temperature control, maintaining a pleasant indoor temperature. Stepping up and down is more convenience. Outsourcing 304 stainless steel tank, beautiful appearance, easy to clean. Toolbox arranged on both sides of the tank for easy to place tool.1. Rear overhang is short(2.2m) , rear spray is elevated from the floor highly( normal 550m ,working 350m) The vehicle is suitable for harsh road traffic. 3. Postponed system has been improved and innovated. The use of helical gear has running low noise, smooth, hanging files more smoothly.4. Configuring a vehicle operating video, for customers to learn, easy to operate.Main Technical Parameter Of The Asphalt DistributorNO.ItemModelRemark1Product modelZQZ5071GLQ/2Dimension(mm)6553×2100×2450/3Chassis modelHFC1071P92K1C2JAC4EngineCY4102-CE4CCY5Engine Power rating91kw/6Vehicle kerb mass 7350kg/7Prepare Weight4850kg/8Rated load weight2500kg/9Max load weight3500kg/9Tank volume3000L/10Auxiliary engineYGBT2500/11Auxiliary power2.5KW/12Asphalt pumpCB450 High viscosity asphalt pump/13Hydraulic pumpCBQF540Hefei Changyuan14Selector valveDGS-03-3C3-D24Yuci Yuken15Pneumatic valveDN50China on the positive16Manual valveDN65China on the positive17BurnerG20Italy Riello18Heating modeFire tube/19Control modeFront+ manual/20Spray width4500mm/21Number of nozzles35/22Nozzle formSector/23Nozzle controlA key to open/24Heat preservationFire tube heating + Cotton insulation/25Spread quantities0.25—3.0(Kg)/m2/26Spraying accuracy±6%/27Pipeline, pump cleaning methodDiesel + air/28AccessoryHandgun hand spray hose, automotive tools/

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