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Original Raspberry Pi Infrared Night Vision Camera 5mp Noir Camera Board

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2015 Original Raspberry PI Infrared Night Vision Camera 5MP NoIR Camera BoardRaspberry Pi NoIR camera board RPI NOIR camera board with an infrared filter is , you can fit an infrared photo shoot or shooting in low- light conditions , which can be connected directly to the CSI connector raspberry pie . Latest v1.3 can provide high-resolution 5MP resolution images or 1080p HD video at 30fps , which is designed and manufactured by the British raspberry pie Foundation. board with 5MP (2592 × 1944 pixels ) OminiVision 5647 fixed focus sensor module which 15 modules in series through a dedicated pin MIPI camera Interface (CSI) and a 15 -pin ribbon cable is connected to the system raspberry . CSI bus can transmit a high data rate , and specifically to the pixel data to the processor BCM2835· No IR filter, suitable for low light conditions· Fully compatible with Type A and Type B Raspberry Pi Raspberry pie· 1.4m X 1.4m pixel technology available to a very high performance and OmniBSI· The optical size of 1 / 4 inches· Automatic image control functions· Programmable frame rate control· 32bytes embedded single programmable (OTP) memory· Digital video port (DVP) parallel output interface· Size 20mm x 25mm x 9mm· Fully compatible with ModMyPi Raspberry Pi chassis· Imaging, video and visual Features: · Camera board raspberry pie RASPBERRY PI NOIR· Silicon Manufacturer : Broadcom· Core Architecture: ARM· Core Sub-Architecture : ARM1176JZF-S· Silicon Core Number : BCM2835· Silicon Family Name : BCM2xxx· For : Raspberry pie Raspberry Pi· Kit includes : Raspberry Pi Noir camera board· Features: (Not Applicable)

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