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In this service, channels are encoded in IP format and delivered to the TV through a set top box. IPTV service also includes video on demand (VOD), which is similar to watching video CDs/DVDs using a VCD/DVD player. IPTV system is built in a distributed framework over broadband IP network. The system generally includes the service application system (telecom carrier-grade video on demand, video live broadcasting,Time Shifted etc.), CMS (Content Management System), and operation support system (certification, authentication, billing, reporting and statistics, etc.).Function Advantage Multiple Functions       Providing users with vivid, smooth, stable high-quality video playback.ExtensiveKeep the existing STB unchanged. OTT STB is developed based on Android, Linux. Customers can also use the existing set-top boxes from a third- party.Security and CopyrightThe system has adopted strict security policies to make the system resources and content safe. Intranet and extra-net delivery system has a n effective quarantine measures to prevent hackers and unauthorized access. Easy ManagementConvenient management of subscribed users with billing function.ValuableStream media streaming solutions enable much higher quality with decreased deployment cost. Advertising functionsAdvertisement insertion and random inserting capabilities make the system be with more business value.ReliabilityIPTV system has strong fault tolerance and good resilience. Software and hardware is able to continue uninterrupted work long hours, and can not affect the functioning of the system in time of module online testing, update, load. It also adopts mature and reliable technology and architecture, and use quality assurance system products.OperationLevel design-Considering the operational purpose, stream system is designed and implemented to support large-scale system architecture, with capacity to deal with programs distribution and system content distribution, and the load balancing of the whole system.

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