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Outdoor Solar Street Light

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solar street light   Working principleSolar energy is unlimited clean energy. Solar street lights make the most use of the unlimited energy. Electricity is gained and stored from sun. It is good for the Earth and there is no pollution. Solar street lights transform natural energy of sun into power and store it in accumulator through solar panel. Accumulator provides electricity automatically to light the light. When the light is lit,Website:http://www.solar-streetlight.com, timer begins to time. The light will go out after a specific period of time. When sunlight falls on the panel in the daytime, panel transforms light energy into electric energy through special controller and it is stored in accumulator. When accumulator’s voltage rises to fixed voltage, controller will stop charging to prevent overcharge. When it becomes dark in the evening, the light will light automatically because of controller’s light-control function. Controller can set time, so people can set the time of lighting the light according to requirements. When accumulator’s power reduces to certain voltage, controller will stop supplying power to prevent overfall. It can protect accumulator and extent accumulator’s useful life. When the sunlight is sufficient, accumulator can have enough power. Accumulator can also supply power on rainy days so lights can work normally. SpecificationsLED light housingWorking voltage(AC):85V-150V/165V-265V(DC):12V/24VFrequency 50-60HzLight sourceLED(40-150)*1WLED junction temperature 90lm/WInitial light energy of lights7200LmColor temperature5500K(white light)Color renderingRa>75%Power factor>0.95Total harmonic distortion

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