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OvershotGAOTON Series 150 Releasing and Circulating Overshot is an external fishing tool for engage, pack off and  retrieve tubular  fish, especially for fishing drill collar and drill pipe. The grapple of  the overshot can be designed for different sizes of fish, so one overshot can be dressed with different size of grapple components for fishing different sizes of fish.ConstructionGAOTON Series 150 Overshot consists of three outside parts: Top Sub, Bowl, and Standard Guide. The Basic Overshot may be dressed with either of two sets of internal parts, if the fish diameter is near the maximum catch of the Overshot, a Spiral Grapple, Spiral Grapple Control, and Type "A" Packer are used. If the fish diameter is considerably below maximum catch size (½" or more) a Basket Grapple and a Mill Control Packer are used.When order please specify:●The model of the overshot●The hole, casing size or o.d. of overshot●Top connection●O.D of the fishOvershot Accessories are available: Extension Sub, Wall Hook Guide, Oversize Guide, Mill Extension, Mill Guide.Technical Parameter -- Series 150 Overshot Type   O.D.     (mm)Max.catch size (mm)     API    Connection Type  O.D.    (mm)  260Max.catch size                 (mm) API   ConnectionSpiral grappleBasket grappleSpiral grappleBasket grapple  LT-T89      89        60.3        47.6NC26LT-T194194         159141NC50  LT-T92      92         73        63.5NC26LT-T200200         159141NC50  LT-T95      95        76.2        66.6NC26LT-T206206         178163NC50  LT-T102      102         73        60.3NC26LT-T206A206         168152NC50  LT-T105      105         85.7         73NC31LT-T219219         178159NC50  LT-T114      114         89         75NC31LT-T323232         203187NC50  LT-T117      117         89         78NC31LT-T244244         2061846 5/8 REG  LT-T127      127         95         80NC38LT-T260260         2192006 5/8 REG  LT-T143      143       120.6        102NC38LT-T270270       228.6209.66 5/8 REG  LT-T152      152        128        111NC38LT-T273273       241.32166 5/8 REG  LT-T168      168        127        114NC50LT-T286286       244.5225.46 5/8 REG LT-T168B      168       139.7       120.6NC50LT-T298A298        257238.16 5/8 REG  LT-T181      181        146        127NC50LT-T340340        2862606 5/8 REGIf you need Overshot, please feel free to contact us by email sales@sxgtpm.com

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