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Oxygen Concentrator

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CANGAS CAPO C series smart oxygen generator is develpoed for the small size of health care facilities and commercial applications, especially for low rate of oxygen usage, a stand alone smart concentrator with high compact, plug and run design and versatile adaptability, the C series SMART oxygen concentrator is excellent in performance, convenience.¬†Features-Compact: Built-in high quality oil-free compressor, air treatment unit and air and O2 tanks;-Mobile: Heavy duty caster,portable and stable;-Low noise: Sturdy and noise reduction industrial cabinet;-Convenient and easy installation: plug in and run design with smart oxygen operation. -High efficiency: Low power consumption;-Reliable: 15 years plus time-approvn PSA technology;-Versatile configuration options: high adaptabilitySpecification-Oxygen purity: ‚Č•90%;-Oxygen flow rate: 15L-17L/min(1M3/h);-Delivery Pressure: 1-2 barg;-Power: 1.3KW, AC220V 1P;-Dimension: 800*600*1200(mm)-Weight: 120KG

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