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P10 Dip Led Display For Sale

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Do You know these terms when you buy LED screen? 1, the pixel Minimum luminous LED display unit, the same as with ordinary computer monitor pixels in said meaning.   2, point spacing Center distance between two adjacent pixels between Pixel spacing (pitch) in mm The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the pixel density, the more information capacity, for the closer viewing distance. Dot pitch, the lower the pixel density, the less information capacity, the farther the distance for viewing.   3. Resolution Mainstream resolution 4/3 and 16/9 have two kinds The higher the resolution, the sharper the image display   4, brightness Unit cd, depending on the LED chip material, form and size of the package The greater brightness, the brighter the image General requirements are as follows: 1) outdoor sun conditions, to 6000-8000cd / m to 2) Indoor reached 800-2000cd / m to   5, gray The same level of brightness from darkest to be able to distinguish between the brightest luminance series. Common rating: 256 (8Bit) 1024 Ji (10Bit)   6, contrast Under certain environmental illumination, LED display maximum brightness and background brightness ratio, that is, the emission luminance   7, white balance When the RGB value than the column reached 3: 6: 1, brightness of the light to reach balance effect   8, frame frequency Transfer a desired image is called a pixel, the number of pictures transmitted per second is called the frame frequency   9, the refresh rate The number of times per second to display the same image is repeatedly displayed, refresh the higher the frequency, the more stable image   10, the viewing angle Sub-horizontal and vertical viewing two kinds   11, point density The number of pixels per unit area (unit: dot / m2). There is a certain relationship between the calculated points with pitch The formula is: Dot density = 1000/1000 * horizontal spacing / Jian Jian Room   12, the best line of sight It is just able to see the complete contents of the display, not color cast, image content clearest position relative to the vertical distance of the screen body. Calculation method: Recently viewing distance (m) = distance (mm) /0.8 Farthest viewing distance (m) = distance (mm) /0.3 If you want to know more,please visit this web:www.ledtxitop.cn

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