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P20 Led Open Sign

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To sum up, from the power supply power to see, if you would have a 5 V reduced to four V, rectifier schottky positive pressure drop in the output voltage of proportion will surely increase, switching power supply output voltage is lower, the forward voltage rectifying the schottky because of the high proportion of (the proportion X = V/V output pressure drop, output from the 5 V reduced to four V, join the pressure drop of 0.5 V, the proportion will rise from 0.1 to 0.125, 25%), the power supply output efficiency is low, the Indoor LED Display Screen screen for the overall energy-saving effect is not obvious, so use the power source design principle is obviously is unable to realize the power to promote the efficiency of work. At the same time, 5 V is nominal value of voltage, in use in the market has been quite mature, opening new switch power supply voltage, lower efficiency at the same time will only increase costs, quality is difficult to guarantee, realizing with difficulty.

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