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P4 High Definition Taxi Led Display

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The terminator of traditional outdoor full color led display In the high energy-saving voice of this era, further energy saving LED display and understandable become the anchor of the industry pursue. Many companies at this point make improvements in all aspects, to a certain extent, improved to achieve the energy saving effect, but to achieve a greater sense of energy conservation, there is still a long way to go, which requires the entire industry together efforts. Recently appeared on the market a few energy-saving led display, through the improvement of power supply led display for energy savings play a major upgrade, it has attracted the attention of many consumers, and given the very high expectations , many led display manufacturers eager, ready to pre-empt the introduction of this technology, access to development opportunities. In the current technology, based on the energy-saving effect of energy-saving led display in the end there are a few companies can do it. Investigation found that only Absen, Riyadh,Shenzhen LightS Technology co.,ltd. (LightS is a privately company, have their own factories, area covers of 8,000 square meters, all kinds of production equipment 200 pcs. In the last two years energy-efficient LED display occupies a certain position.) Several listed companies and Ming source technology introduced energy-saving products. Let Xiaobian to analyze the recent rise of Ming Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. energy display. Analysis of a small module led to analyze the power situation, is a clear source of Technology Co., Ltd. launched CYT62726 for the driver chip led a small module, the power supply voltage of 5V, the first peripheral device power consumption is not calculated because they are in the whole the proportion of small screen, the whole screen of the power consumed in the lamp, first calculate the light point power is Pled = n * Uvf * Iled (n is the number of channels, Uvf LED lights for the drop point, Iled the current value of the set) CYT62726 driver IC pin drop generally about 0.6V, drop point of red, green and blue lights are 1.8V, 3.0V, 3.0V so that each channel only 4V (3.0+ 0.6V) can work, conservative red channel can be set to 2.8V, blue and green channel 3.8V supply voltage and in fact we are 5V, equivalent to an increase of 1V * Iled power within the IC, So as you can imagine as long as the power supply down to red 2.8V, green 3.8V, blue 3.8V, we can save the Naga 1V * Iled power on the IC channels can be realized in other devices unchanged led display energy saving at least 15%, plus the LED screen itself reduces cooling requirements of energy saving can be achieved to some extent, which is already a big screen is a very big number, and customers can embrace this product. We believe the introduction of energy-saving products, is bound to make clear the source of science and technology onto a new stage. If you want to know more, please visit (www.ledtaxitop.cn).

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