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P5 Indoor Led Displays

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Product Description
Common structure cabinet design, more economicalCompatible with a variety of pixel pitch, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm that can be replaced individually or mixed applications simultaneously to achieve flexible and personalized design and optimize customer investment cost structure.High flatness, perfect seamless connectionFine-tuning screw structure adjusts splicing gap precisely for perfect seamless connection. High precision within 0.01mm, precision processing technology and splicing structure ensure the integrity of high-quality picture.Ultra Long life,circuitry plate stableSGR select high quality luminescent device as core material of screen, and use our own circuitry design,fundamentally guarantee the life span of the product.Perfect Equipment, wide range of applicationsSGR UHD LED displays introduce an nonlinear error compensation ensure high-quality live/broadcast and meet the requirements of different applications, particularly Low cost and fast maintenanceSGR LED screen Only need to maintain single pixel or single module if failures happen, thus lowering the maintenance cost and increasing the maintenance speed,Light weight and easy to install and demount.Durability against shock,no problem for long-haulEach SGR product must pass the shock test before delivery, this ensure the screw well connect and no poor-contact after long-haul transportation.Stable and reliable, long-term useSupport 7 * 24 hours a day, 100,000 hours long life, and there is no need to replace the light source during the life cycle, saving operating and maintenance costs.Wide viewing angleHigh-definition big screens are self- emitting units and the color performance of any viewing angle can be kept intact, ensuring you have a larger viewing area, to better meet the needs of different environments.

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