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P5 Led Digital Display Boards

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New business opportunities with small spacing LED screen (A) the control room market Main areas: electricity, coal, military, civil defense, transportation, broadcasting, public security, conference room, water conservancy water and tobacco. Features / requirements: 1) vertical industry, with a strong industry attributes; 2) applications have some common characteristics; 3) Excellent display; 4) a powerful signal processing and access capabilities; 5) and business systems closely. (B) Market studio Main areas: television studio, studios and other companies. Studio main display mode for the virtual studio, background and fixed to DLP splicing screen as the representative of the background screen. Features / requirements: 1) Repeat meet broadcasting level camera shots, including the effective elimination of moire, wide color temperature adjustment, low ash high light effect, high refresh rate, non-reflective, etc; 2) dual-redundant backup power supply signal, in order to ensure that the system high stability; 3) all-metal heat radiation ensure that the system fanless, ultra-quiet. (C) the security monitoring market Main areas: public security systems, transportation systems, energy systems, financial systems and enterprises. In LCD / DLP splicing screen as the main representative. Features / requirements: 1) With reduced spacing, spacing small LED screen resolution is closer to resolution LCD screen; 2) at the push of things, when the detection signal, a data signal and network signal when increasingly become the main alternative to video signal monitoring content, usher in a new era of display area; 3) ultra-high resolution, no patchwork, slim, ultra-quiet, massive signal access and other advantages to further strengthen the small spacing LED the ability to apply the display. (Iv) the videoconferencing market Main areas: the LCD / DLP splicing screen as the main representative. Features / requirements: 1) video conferencing system after decades of development, only share voice, video, data areas, no longer able to meet the duplication of information exchange, body language, micro-expressions, tone of voice, documents and carrying more rich amount of information, thereby camera video conferencing systems, displays, data sharing aspect, Conference on environment and put forward higher requirements; 2) ultra-high resolution, vivid color reproduction, no patchwork coherent vision nanosecond response speed, low power consumption, ultra-quiet and other advantages for small pitch LED display cut to high-end telepresence system laid the foundation. (E) digital signage Main areas: The LCD / advertising light boxes as the main representative. Features / requirements: 1) be seen to have consumer demand, simply to determine the characteristics of the information published as advertising systems will face challenges; 2) LCD display UV weak defect confined its application in outdoor environments ; 3) a small pitch outdoor LED display technology to enable it to fully meet the indoor and outdoor environments, including automatic brightness adjustment, anti-UV, large size seamless display, human-computer interaction ...... (Vi) Super LED TV commercial / residential TV Main areas: the LCD / PDP as the main representative. Features / requirements: 1) Due to LCD / PDP technology limitations and transport reliability, large-size TV uncompetitive in terms of cost; 2) at clubs, theaters, exhibition halls, conference rooms and other environments, the large-size LED TV with super a clear competitive advantage, including cost, display, mute effect, service life and so on. If you want to know more,please visit this web:www.ledtaxitop.cn

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