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P8 Dip Outdoor Led Screen

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High Power LED display technology and application prospects Many countries and regions worldwide, many provinces and many municipalities are by statute or otherwise, to abandon the traditional lighting, switching to new technology, such as high power LED (Light Emitting Diode) for traffic lights and other public lighting. Such as the EU countries, Japan, Australia, Brazil and Canada to 2012 will strictly prohibit the use of incandescent bulbs. Medical equipment, signage, consumer electronics, household appliances, decoration, security and other lighting equipment designers in the development of new products, the use of high power (1 watt or higher capacity) LED display technology is increasing. Sensational high power LED What is the reason so popular? Why LED market forecast in 2009 despite the economic challenges still have significant growth? The answer is two: Today high power LED can not only improve efficiency and provide better lighting effects.     Improve energy efficiency     Extremely high power LED energy saving, and compared with other technologies, LED emitted per watt higher brightness. For example, can provide a common high-power LED 80 lumens per watt, energy-saving lamps (CFL) can provide 70 lumens per watt, ordinary incandescent lamp can only provide 15 lumens per watt. Special high-power LED energy between 1W to 10W. Compared with the low-power 40W ordinary incandescent household light bulb and 60W of energy, its energy consumption is quite low. In some cases, 60W incandescent energy consumption equivalent to 15 watt energy-saving lamps (CFL) power consumption, and consumption of energy-saving lamp closer to the high-power LED energy consumption. However, high power LED Another important point is to win no mercury content. CFL contains a small amount of mercury, and now in the world, the provinces, municipalities are restricting the use of mercury-containing lamps. Often when energy-saving lamps and LED can achieve energy requirements when only the LED does not contain harmful substances can simultaneously meet the requirements.     High-power LED can also improve efficiency in many other areas. High Power LED life than traditional incandescent grow 10-15 times higher than the energy-saving lamps 3-10 times longer. In fact, LED technology not only saves durability lighting maintenance costs, but also can reduce waste generation. LED lamps have high efficiency characteristics. LED lights are directional and therefore more targeted, and LED lamp efficacy is higher than the traditional 180 ° astigmatism lighting equipment.       Better lighting effects     Advanced technology, especially technical progress in the past three years has greatly improved the quality of high-power LED display brightness. The intensity of the color is from 1 to 100, and 100 with the sun in the visual spectrum exactly the same. When the color rendering index (CRI) down to less than 80 times, in which light and color to see what the real color is inconsistent. Good color rendering index is usually at 90 or more. Many energy-saving light bulbs color rendering index between 75-90, incandescent index may reach 100. LED's index has now reached 90 or 90 more. Due to recent advances in technology, whether it is white or colored high power LED color rendering index are high. Outside early white LED blue chips are coated with a layer of phosphor. Until a few years ago, this combination can get plenty of "cold" white light, usually use at the site and were on the way. But white LED lights can not, for example in the kitchen to provide "warm" white light for the home lighting equipment. Improve and lessons coat phosphor technology allows us to manufacture many products out of the automated system, the system through different radiation frequency, which can be white LED lights automatically distinguish between cold and warm light. In the past, LED choice only limited to "white" or "non-white." Now some manufacturers may be white "tone" is subdivided into 50 different categories.     Recently the three primary colors (RGB) LED improvements significantly improve the white and colored LED subtitles. Red-green-blue (RGB) LED red, green, and blue chip package together, it can emit different colors of light. Previously, blending RGBLED emitted light is very unstable, and high power LED driver successfully resolved the technical problems. Recent high power RGBLED, such as Lumex's AstraLED, making white light and colored light are very stable, soft.     LED greater flexibility than other lighting. Compact LED system structure, and sensors, other lighting controls such as dimmers, daylight controller and dynamic light modulator connected together.     Conclusion     High power and high efficiency LED market, good light quality. High power LED cost saving significant advantages and good performance make it more and more choice. Now, in many homes and offices we can see people using high-power LED technology. People will put the future high-power LED applications to sensor technology to achieve automatic opening function. Another is infrared LED technology, when night-vision system will be greatly improved.I f you want to know more,please visit this web:www.ledtaxitop.cn

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