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P-Diethylbenzene (PDEB)Molecular formula:C10H14Structural formula: CAS No.:105-05-5Physical and chemical properties:Appearance: colorless transparent liquidBoiling point: 183.7℃Flash point: 55℃Relative density (water=1): 0.86Saturated vapor pressure: 1.33KPa/62.8℃Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, benzene, carbon tetrachloride and most organic solvents.Uses:PDEB is used as as a desorbent for adsorption and separation of p-xylene.Packing:170kg galvanized iron drum or ISO tank, sealed by high purity nitrogen.Storage & transportation:PDEB is a flammable liquid with high flash point, and it should be stored in a shady, cool and ventilative warehouse. Keep away from kindling material, heat source and oxidant.Quality index:ItemQuality indexAppearanceColorless transparent liquidP-Diethylbenzene content, wt% ≥99C9 arene and light components, wt%        ≤0.15Other C10 alkylbenzene, wt%Equilibrium valueC11 arene and heavy components, wt%       ≤0.2Bromine index, mgBr/100g              ≤5Carbonyl number, mg/L ≤1Total sulphur, mg/kg   ≤1Total nitrogen, mg/kg ≤1Total chlorine, mg/kg  ≤1Density (20 oC) , g/cm30.8655±0.005Color, (Pt-Co) ≤10

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